The U.S. Map; “Say” or “Tell?”; Four Parts of Speech

The word “tell” requires an object. “Say” does not require an object. 
Examples: What did you say? What did you say to him? I always say what I think.Tell me what you want. I told them what time the movie started.
Here’s a good place to test yourself on “say” and “tell.”
say/tell conversation

Remember: “Parts of Speech” in English tell us how a word is used. The same word may be several parts of speech, depending on how it’s used. 
“Dancing is fun.”  (The word dancing acts like a noun.)
“She is dancing the tango.”  (The word dancing is part of the verb)
“At the circus, we saw dancing horses.” (The word dancing is an adjective describing horses.) 
Here’s a super-fun game that let’s you practice identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.
Parts of speech Jeopardy
For a quick, fairly accurate understanding of the origins of America’s Thanksgiving celebration, see:

How To Pronounce the Names of the 50 States

Many state names are difficult to pronounce and spell. Some were originally Native-American words. Others are Spanish words whose pronunciation has been anglicized. Note that “Arkansas” is pronounced “Ar-K’n-SAW” and the final “s” in “Illinois” is not pronounced. “Missouri” is sometimes pronounced “Mizz-oo-RAH” and sometimes pronounced “Mizz-oo-REE.”

* The District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., is not a state, but the area where congress, the Supreme Court, the White House and the headquarters of many federal agencies are located. There is also a beautiful state named Washington, which is all the way across the  country from Washington, D.C. Listen to the names of all 50 states, plus “the District of Columbia” pronounced as Americans pronounce them.

us states pronunciation

Election Day in the U.S.

Natural born citizens include people 1) born on U.S. soil (or a U.S. military base 2) born to parents who are U.S. citizens. Only natural-born citizens can become U.S. president.

Naturalized citizens go through the naturalization process. That is usually when a legal permanent resident (Green card) applies for citizenship after a period of time as a legal resident (usually 5 years). The resident will take tests, like U.S. history and government, and eventually be sworn in as a U.S. citizen. That is called Naturalization.

All citizens can vote and serve in every public office except the presidency.

Write-In vote: In many places, if you do not want to vote for any candidate on the ballot, you can “write-in” the name of the person you want to vote for.