Irregular Verb Pronunciation: “Be” through “Lend”

1present & past irreg. verbs

Practice listening to these irregular verbs. Notice that the simple present is like the base form of the verb, except you must often add an “s” sound when you are using the he, she, it form. (That’s called the third person singular form.) These s-s-s-s-s sounds are very important in English.

To emphasize that we always, always use the simple past tense when we speak of something that happened at a particular time in the past, I use the word “yesterday” when I practice the past tense. Five million years ago? Five minutes ago? Five nanoseconds ago? It doesn’t matter. If I tell you a specific time something happened, I must use the simple past. Got it?

Notice that the word “today” is not pronounced “2-day.”

simple tense = a tense that doesn’t require an auxiliary verb, like “have” or “is.”

Got it? = Do you understand?


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