Antonyms, Rhymes and the Scary Present Perfect Tense

Here is a fun game that lets students share and increase their vocabulary in a conversational setting. Print out a playing board on legal-size paper for every group of three or four players. You will need a single die for each board and a playing piece for every player.  The second or third student to land on a particular space must use a new word and not repeat another’s word. (Teachers, be prepared to provide candy or candy IOUs. FREE CANDY spaces mean free candy!))

Note: Antonym means opposite word. Some words can have multiple meanings and may have multiple opposites too. For example, the word “right” can mean the opposite of “left,” or it can mean the opposite of “wrong.”

Words that rhyme must have exactly the same ending sound. Don’t be fooled by English’s goofy spelling.  “Boot” and “look” do not rhyme. “Boot” and “flute” do rhyme.

Here are some more sites where you can practice distinguishing between the past and the present perfect tenses.


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